We are a mother and son team that work together
in the different aspects of Art Licensing.

In Sinergy (The cooperation of two or more agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of its parts.)
We strive to fit your very special needs and aim to give you the end product you envision and the best service there is by being there for you 24/7 (Holidays and Weekends)
We understand that in business things can get a bit hectic and time of the essence.
I believe that it is crucial for us to adapt, conform and align the art to perfectly Fit the product. This is turn results in having a product that excels and amazes The public creating more sales and more revenue.


Our Mission is to provide you with art that makes
your products Excel and therefore sell.

Our main objective is to attract a big audience, meaning people of all ages and backgrounds who will be drawn to the product for its originality and innovation.
We will work with you in product development to meet your expectations and hopefully exceed them.
I believe firmly in great customer service since it is in giving it that we can create your vision and be of great support in helping you achieve your goals.